How long do mortgage offers last?

It is a huge relief when you receive your mortgage offer but, as we all know, life doesn’t always run smoothly. There can be all kinds of delays during the house buying process and it can be stressful worrying about your mortgage offer running out if unforeseen issues crop up. Note: A mortgage offer is […]

A helpful guide to releasing equity from your home

If you are a homeowner over the age of 55, you may be looking at ways you can substantially boost your bank balance, to give you more financial freedom with which to enjoy your later years. One way to do this could be to free some capital by downsizing your property, pocketing the difference as […]

A spotlight on equity release mortgages For most people, your home is by far the largest asset you own and, the older you get, the more likely you are to have paid off most, or all, of your mortgage, which leaves you sitting comfortably in a property that is probably worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. There are many reasons […]

The Advantages of Working with a Local Mortgage Broker

One of the most important aspects of the house-buying process is obtaining a mortgage offer. At that point, you can relax a little, assured that the bank will lend you what you need for the home of your dreams.  Here’s the catch.  Despite understanding how important the mortgage application process is, all too many buyers […]

Why use a mortgage broker instead of a mortgage lender

When it comes to obtaining a mortgage, homeowners have the option to work with a mortgage lender or a mortgage broker. A mortgage lender is a financial institution or bank that will lend you money to purchase a property. While mortgage lenders may seem like the more traditional choice, using a mortgage broker can offer […]

Can a mortgage broker help save you money on your mortgage?

What is a mortgage broker? There is a lot to know about mortgages and mortgage brokers. A mortgage broker is a professional who helps borrowers find the best mortgage product to meet their financial needs. By working with a variety of lenders and mortgage products, a broker can help you save money when it comes […]