Can I get a mortgage without a deposit?

If you are one of the many individuals who want to get on the property ladder, confident that you can reliably meet monthly mortgage repayments but you don’t have the means to come up with a deposit, this article is for you. Here, our expert team of experienced mortgage advisers answers all your key questions. […]

Is there an age limit for getting a mortgage?

Mortgages used to be fairly restrictive for the ‘later life’ borrower, but times are changing. Many people are retiring later, and there are also a lot of people who have built up substantial equity through owning a home for decades, which has given them enough financial security to prove they can pass affordability checks. In […]

A spotlight on shared ownership mortgages This Q&A on shared ownership mortgages, also known as ‘part buy, part rent’ mortgages, is brought to you by the expert team of mortgage advisers at PIL Southampton.   What is shared ownership? Shared ownership is a government-backed scheme that helps you to purchase a home by starting off with only buying a share […]

Can I get a mortgage with my parents?

When you are building your career and thinking about getting on the property ladder, your next step is to starting doing some sums. You work out the salary multiplier to see how much you might be able to borrow from a mortgage lender, and it can be a stark reality to see how far off […]