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Mortgages for Self Employed
& Directors of Ltd companies

At Protection and Investment, we very much
believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

For Self Employed

We recognise that the path to homeownership can feel distinct and even challenging for those who run their own businesses. Our goal is to provide you with professional expertise and support to address any concerns you may have. We understand the emotions tied to this significant life step, and we’re here to ensure that the process is not just seamless but also rewarding.

Can you get a mortgage if you’re self-employed and is it more difficult?

It’s a common misconception that self-employed individuals are limited to higher mortgage rates. However, this isn’t accurate; being self-employed shouldn’t automatically mean paying more for your mortgage. If you can demonstrate your ability to manage repayments, you should be eligible for the same mortgage rates as those in permanent, employed positions. You have access to the same variety of mortgage options as any other applicant. The only distinction is that you’ll need to furnish additional proof of your stable income to reassure your lender about your repayment capacity.

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There are many more types of mortgages. If you have any questions and would like to learn more about the types of mortgages available to you, contact us today for a free initial meeting.

Documents you will need

Lenders will want to see a number of documents when you apply for a mortgage.

Improving your chances

Check your credit score: Checking your credit score can help show you where you currently stand, giving you an idea of your chances.

Pay bills on time: Paying your bills on time and by Direct Debit is important. This proves to lenders you are reliable and pay on time.

Avoid getting into debt: Debt is not ideal. It’s money that needs paying elsewhere and not towards the loan they would be giving you.

Avoid large purchases: Large purchases gives you less money for your deposit and leaves you with less to use after your purchase.

Are you self employed
or a company director?

Applying for a mortgage as a self-employed or company director can be a daunting experience. At Protection and Investment, we’re expert Mortgage brokers and advisors, who find helping the self-employed and company directors a highly rewarding process. We’d love to help you secure your home. Book a free initial meeting with us today.